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Acrobats at the harbour

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80skid, that's a good find.

The full set is worth a look. The photographer took a series of photos from the time his US Navy ship arrived in harbour, showing how they were mobbed with people selling things, playing music, doing acrobatics....

To follow the sequence, look at the first photo here, then click the > arrow to move through the photos.

Regards, David

The photographer was here en route from the Korean War, hence there's a large number of photos from the early 1950s on Hong Kong on flickr and picasa. The also have some amazing photos of other parts of Asia from that period. The next big wave of naval photos stem from the Vietnam war. You quickly see the tour they were given - Aberdeen, Tiger Balm Gardens, Peak Tram and a trip to the Lido in Repulse Bay seemed to be the usual routine. I guess the bars of Wanchai didn't evolve until the 1960s