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Shek Kip Mei Village (1956)

Shek Kip Mei Village (1956)

Shek Kip Mei Village, photographer Harrison Forman, photo taken 1956 considering the newly built shed up the alley.  This spot was somewhere in the current Nam Cheong St - Pak Wan Street area.      Photo source: UWM Libraries -

Shek Kip Mei Village can be seen in the 1956 Map - .  In those days, access to the village was mainly from the south and Tai Po Road.

Local adults and children were curious and/or fascinated by a Westerner's visit to town.  On the right, there was a wooden staircase to level-2 my relatives' residence.  These folks mainly came from Guangdong. Forman was standing part way up the stairs when taking this photo.  Notice the rain gutter running by the residence.  I visited the relatives occasionally and spent some nights here about the same period of time of this photo.   Regards, OldTimer



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1956