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1970s Victoria Barracks

1970s Victoria Barracks
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1975


This is not Victoria Junior School but a much later building which, from its position relative to the Bank of America building, was at the eastern end of Victoria Barracks.

You can find some photos here:


Thanks Michael, When I first added it I was just following the notes on Flickr. I've now removed that Place from this photo.

Does anyone recognise which building it is?

Regards, David

It's the infants school rather than the junior school. 

I was at the infants school in the late 60s, and the orientation and layout match up with how I remember it.  The bulding had an open courtyard in the middle with a small garden. The 'L' shaped part you can see in the picture is the classrooms.  To the right, behind the tree, was the assembly hall and offices.  Of course, that was 45 years ago and I was very young, so I might not be remembering it all correctly.

This link shows the building from ground level, looking in the roughly the same direction: http://www.grs.gov.hk/PRO/srch/english/imgdisplay.jsp?RecordKey=1000013424&s=HKPRO_Library_web&version=internet

Here's a view from the opposite direction: http://www.grs.gov.hk/PRO/srch/english/imgdisplay.jsp?RecordKey=1000013425&s=HKPRO_Library_web&version=internet

The buildings were demolished a few years ago.  The area where the school stood is now a pond in Victoria Park.

Not Victoria Park but Hong Kong Park.

The featured school premises was used by Quarry Bay School when I lived in Alexander Block in Feb/March/April 1983. A check of Wikipedia for QBS confirms that they used Victoria Barracks as a temporary school until 1984.

This was the part of Victoria Barracks used as Quarry Bay School in the late 1970s / early 1980s.