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1945 Kowloon

1945 Kowloon
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, September 1, 1945


The structure just beyond the artifical embayment I believe is Jordan Road ferry pier.  In looking at the winding road, isn't the first bend from the top (shape <) the spot where Canton Road meets Ferry Street and Jordan Road?  But Jordan Road is not visible so was it extended through the open space after this photo was taken?  

Views of Jordan Road from 1945 and 1948 

Thanks Moddsey.  Your resources and source are incredibly diverse.

The 1948 photo shows the first bend roughly 150 feet south of Jordan Road, and west of this bend were the 12 storage storage tanks.  Google shows the bend is now at the junction with Jordan Road.  After removing the tanks, I believe they straightened Canton Road to as far as Jordan Road.

It shows the China Light and Power Co. yard which drew my interest every time I walked by.

On the west side of Wai Ching Street about 8 shops from Jordan Road, I attended Primary 1 in 1950.  We had an interest drill where in one-fifth of my classmates would go stay in the staircase if and when an inspector came to verify the class size.  Wah Nam Primary School is a part of my fond memories.  Regards, Peter