Martin Booth's 'Golden Boy' : Further information

If you enjoyed reading Martin Booth's memoir, Golden Boy (published as 'Gweilo' in some markets), here is a place to find & contribute extra information about the places and lifestyle he describes. We've divided it by chapter, so just click on the chapter you're interested in for more information.

Looking for pillbox #72

Monday's walk was one of those 'it's the journey, not the destination' outings. In theory I was going to find the location of pillbox 72, but in any case it was lovely weather, and a good excuse to scramble over some rocks.

Help bring Hong Kong's lost buildings back to life

I'd love to see some of the old buildings that have long ago been demolished - be able to look all around them, and get in close to see details. Which one would you choose?

How to get there when you don't know where to go

Last week we introduced the new Places feature. They help you find your way to a place in Hong Kong.

That's great if you know where you want to get to. But what if you've just got a vague idea? eg 'I expect to be working in Central, which serviced apartments are nearby?'. Or "I'm staying in a hotel on Nathan Road, any friendly pubs nearby?".


Tunnels under Hospital Hill

Join us on a walk around Hospital Hill in Wanchai, looking for signs of the air-raid tunnel network that was dug under this hill. The hill is currently the site of the Ruttonjee Hospital, but at the time of the second world war you’d have found the Royal Naval Hospital located here.


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