Exhibition: Photos of old Hong Kong

We're spoilt for choice at the moment, with four different exhibitions underway. (If you're reading this from outside Hong Kong, I've added some other ways to see these photos at the bottom of the page.)

This is the last message for 2013, so before we look at those exhibitions, let me wish you a very happy and healthy new year.

Regards, David

1. John Thomson's photos at the Maritime Museum

They have over eighty of Thomson's photos of Hong Kong and China on display, all taken within a year or two of 1870. The photos have been blown up so there is lots of detail to see. Here's a view of the Praya, with the hills looking very barren and imposing in the background:

The Praya

Entrance to the exhibition is included in the price of the ticket to the museum, so allow enough time to visit both.

The exhibition

Merry Christmas, Hong Kong style

We've got several old Hong Kong Christmas cards in the photo galleries. Here's the oldest, from the early 1900s:

Merry Christmas 1900

The setting is a familiar scene for a Christmas card, but it was likely a new experience for the children. The card is titled

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1880s view over Tai Ping Shan to harbour

Where: The photographer was up on Hospital Road, looking north-east across Tai Ping Shan to the harbour, and Tsim Sha Tsui beyond. Here's a copy marked up with some of the roads in the area (click the photo for a larger copy you can zoom in to):

Japanese tunnel above Wong Nai Chung valley

Our visits to the old Japanese wartime tunnels around Hong Kong don't usually make it to the front page of Gwulo, but this is a special one.

First there's


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