Happy Birthdays

I wanted a Birthday-themed photo for this week, and remembered this one:

1950s (?) Children's party

It's definitely a party of some sort, check out the bottles of pop and cake-shop food:

1950s (?) Children's party

But the other photo that came with it shows such a

1969 Heading to the beach to cool off

When: A hot summer's day in 1969 [1]. 

Who: The man on the left looks a bit over-dressed, but the others are ready for the beach:


Birthday Buildings in 2014

Looking through Gwulo's list of buildings, how many have a major birthday this year? Lets start with those that have made it to 50 ...

50 years old

Not very exciting, is it? The best-known building on the list is a carpark!

You can see it on the left edge of this 1979 photo of TST. It's about about half way down, next to the golden-coloured Sheraton Hotel:

Tsim Sha Tsui May 1979

If you have any sentimental attachment to this carpark (!), you'd better visit soon. The site goes up for auction at the end of this month.

75 years old

The Beatles in Hong Kong - 8th June, 1964

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 
Places shown in this photo: 

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison


President Hotel, Nathan Road

The Beatles signed this for Wes Epae, 50 years ago on the 8th of June, 1964. 

Wes was a

c.1920 Dragon Boat off North Point

Where: We can just make out the name of the building in the background:

Ming Yuen Gardens

"Ming Yuen"

No sign of this old building today, of course, but the name (highlighted in green) lives on around where it used to stand:


The Ming Yuen Gardens [1] were a


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