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Exploring Mount Davis & Lung Fu Shan

If you're making use of the cool weather to get out exploring, here are four interesting sites to visit. I saw them just before Christmas, on an outing with regular Gwulo contributor Thomas, and local historian Mr Chan.

The first site we visited was the ...

'Position finding cell' on Lung Fu Shan

Lung Fu Shan is a small hill above Hong Kong University, and below the Pinewood Battery. On its northern slope, with an excellent view over the harbour, are four military buildings, connected by a stone staircase. Here's a look inside one of those buildings:

And a view up the staircase:

c.1924 Looking east from the Peak

Where: The photographer is up on the Peak, looking east across Wanchai towards Causeway Bay.

What: The lower-left corner of the photo shows the Read more »

Gwulo's Christmas Catalogue

How about a photo of old Hong Kong as a Christmas present? The photos I send out to subscribers are also available as prints, ready for framing.

The full catalogue is shown below. Just click any photo to see a larger version, and the option to buy a print.

Regards, David

1937. View from 'H' Block

When: Here's the pencil note on the back of the photo, showing it was taken in Read more »

1926 Landslide

What: Here's the note on the back of the photo:

"This is a water pumping station on which a 1,000 ton rock fell on."

When: A trawl through the newspapers bring us to 18 & 19th July, 1926, and one of the greatest floods in Hong Kong's history. The newspaper reported [1]:



c.1930 Funeral procession along Gap Road

Where: The photo was taken along Gap Road, now the eastern end of Queen's Road East. The identifying landmark is the building in the background:

That was the Royal Naval Hospital, near where the Ruttonjee Hospital is today.

Photos from last night's talk

Thanks to everyone who attended last night's talk. Here are the photos we looked at. You can click any photo to see a more detailed copy, and notes about that photo.

A walk around Central

We started off on the old seafront

turned into Pedder Street Read more »

You're invited: David will give a talk on 2nd November

I'll show a selection of my favourite photos of old Hong Kong, and tell their stories. The venue has a good projector & a big screen, and I'll bring along high-resolution scans of the photos so we can zoom in to see their detail.

The talk is arranged by the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS), as part of their series of regular talks. Here's their announcement:

1906 The Praya near Blake Pier

When: A great typhoon hit Hong Kong on 18th September, 1906. This photo was taken a day or two later, with debris from the typhoon still clear to see:

Where: The stout stone wall is part of

Lugard Road [1921- ]

Barbara Park has kindly shared these photos of Lugard Road under construction. Running along the north face of the side of the Peak, it's got some of the best views of the city and the harbour.

I thought it would be easy to pin down a date for these photos, but it turns out the road was built in two sections, with a five-year gap between them. More on that later, let's start with the photos:

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