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PS 'Gwu lo' is roughly how '古老' sounds in Cantonese. It means 'ancient' or 'old-fashioned'.

Hong Kong 1960s & 70s : Mike Cussans' photos

Thanks to Mike Cussans for uploading over 100 of his photos of Hong Kong in the 1960s and 70s:

Over to Mike...

Growing up in Hong Kong

I was born in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 1949. My Dad was flying for Imperial Airways / BOAC on flying boats, and was based in Hong Kong. We lived in Stewart Terrace on the Peak.

We returned to England shortly after that, but my Dad was sent back to Hong Kong again in 1956 when

1930s Panorama from Central to Causeway Bay

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Where: Our first photo in the Year of the Snake is a panoramic view from the Peak. At the left edge of the photo we can just see the Central Fire Station (today's Hang Seng Bank HQ buiding), then we pan right across Central, Admiralty, and the newly-reclaimed land at Wanchai, ending up at Causeway Bay.

((Gwulo meetup in London: I'm meeting up with several Gwulo readers in London next Thursday 14th, for lunch and a chat. If you'd like to join us you're very welcome. Please contact me by email for the details.))

What: The Wanchai reclamation was shown in another photo I posted recently [1]. In that photo, taken around 1924, the reclamation had just started:

But by the time this photo was taken the reclamation was complete, and the new land extended right out to Gloucester Road:

Please help - looking for old photos of the Central Police Station compound

I’m looking for old images (photos, sketches, paintings, newspaper engravings, etc) that can bring to life the history of the Central Police Station (CPS) compound, its surroundings, and the people who were there - whether voluntarily or not!

1890s Indian & European police at CPS. Photo supplied from John Breen's private collection.1890s Indian & European police at CPS. Photo supplied from John Breen's private collection.

If you can help, please let me know by email, or in the comments below.

Thanks & regards,



I'm providing photo research services to the Central Police Station compound project [1]. The photos will be used to

c.1930 Carrying the bride

What: This photo was probably taken to catch the fancy sedan chair in the background: Read more »

1979: Aerial views of TST

Thanks to regular contributor IDJ for uploading these aerial views of Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), taken in 1979. Anyone living in TST at the time must have felt they were surrounded by construction projects!

Here's the first view:

The bright blue rectangle is HK Polytechnic University's swimming pool. Above it is the entrance to the Cross Harbour Tunnel. The amazing thing about the 1979 view? No queues of traffic waiting to enter the tunnel!

The cameraman flies south, then looks back to the north:

Gwulo in 2013

Thank you for your support in 2012, and special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the website. With your help, it has grown to over 11,000 pages. That in turn attracts more visitors, so that in 2012 the website passed one million page views for the first time. Not quite Gangnam Style, but I'm very happy to see it!

I wish you a very Happy New Year,

Best regards, David


How did last year's plans turn out? Read more »

Exploring Mount Davis & Lung Fu Shan

If you're making use of the cool weather to get out exploring, here are four interesting sites to visit. I saw them just before Christmas, on an outing with regular Gwulo contributor Thomas, and local historian Mr Chan.

The first site we visited was the ...

'Position finding cell' on Lung Fu Shan

Lung Fu Shan is a small hill above Hong Kong University, and below the Pinewood Battery. On its northern slope, with an excellent view over the harbour, are four military buildings, connected by a stone staircase. Here's a look inside one of those buildings:

And a view up the staircase:

c.1924 Looking east from the Peak

Where: The photographer is up on the Peak, looking east across Wanchai towards Causeway Bay.

What: The lower-left corner of the photo shows the Read more »

Gwulo's Christmas Catalogue

How about a photo of old Hong Kong as a Christmas present? The photos I send out to subscribers are also available as prints, ready for framing.

The full catalogue is shown below. Just click any photo to see a larger version, and the option to buy a print.

Regards, David

1937. View from 'H' Block

When: Here's the pencil note on the back of the photo, showing it was taken in Read more »

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