Pillboxes and Lyon Lights around the coast of Hong Kong island

The following post is courtesy of Rob Weir. He describes the pillboxes the British built around Hong Kong's coastline in the lead-up to the Japanese invasion. Over to Rob:


c.1925 Pedder Street

Where: We're looking south along Pedder Street, from the junction with Des Voeux Road Central. Here's how it looks today:

City of Darkness Revisited - a new edition of the Kowloon Walled City classic

Ian Lambot co-wrote the well-known book about Kowloon Walled City, "City of Darkness". Here I ask Ian about the new and expanded edition, "City of Darkness Revisited".

David: The book is full of beautiful photos - do you have a favourite?

Ian: Where to begin! Should it be the aerial image I took one misty evening in, I think, 1989, which now appears all too regularly – and almost invariably without permission – on any website about the Walled City you care to mention?

1932 Queen's Road Central

Where: This postcard shows the heart of Central, looking east along Queen's Road. The junction on our left leads into Theatre Lane, while the break in the shadows on the right marks the junction with D'Aguilar Street.

Who: Here's a closer view of some of the people on the streets:


There were plenty of offices nearby, so they could have beeen working locally. Or they might have been

Who do you recognise?

Who do you recognise in these old group photos?

Joan Izard sent in this photo of Central British School (today called KGV), showing the staff and students in 1939:

1939 Central British School staff & students

Joan can see her brother, Douglas Franklin:

Douglas Franklin

And thinks this is probably


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