1924 Happy Valley

Where: We're looking north across Happy Valley. Down in the bottom-left corner, the hill has been excavated to make space for Fung Fai Terrace [1]:

Fung Fai Terrace

c.1932 Peninsula Hotel

Where: Not a hard one to locate - we're looking across Salisbury Road towards the Peninsula Hotel. What's not so clear is where the photographer took the photo from. He was certainly high up, level with the third or fourth floor of the hotel.

Here's another view of the area, taken from Signal Hill around 1935:

Peninsula Hotel & KCR Terminus

There aren't any buildings between the Peninsula and the sea. Did he climb up onto the

1960s Street scene, unknown location

An early photo this week - we're off on a family vacation tomorrow, so I won't be here at the weekend to send it out.

If you can add anything about its "who / what / when / where", please can you let us know in the comments below? I look forward to reading them when we get back next week.

Regards, David

Pillboxes and Lyon Lights around the coast of Hong Kong island

The following post is courtesy of Rob Weir. He describes the pillboxes the British built around Hong Kong's coastline in the lead-up to the Japanese invasion. Over to Rob:


c.1925 Pedder Street

Where: We're looking south along Pedder Street, from the junction with Des Voeux Road Central. Here's how it looks today:


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