Merry Christmas, 1927-style

What: If last week's photo was an odd choice for a postcard, this is an even stranger choice for a Christmas card!

But it originally appeared in a 1927 Christmas card, no doubt meant to give an interesting view of foreign life for the folk back home.

It's a pretty card. Here's how it looks as it comes out of the envelope:

c.1930 Tourist magnet

What: Forget Disneyland and Ocean Park, for many years this view was a top choice for postcards. But why would you want to send a postcard of the Albany filter beds?

They seem plain now, but listen to this description from 1893:

Christmas gift ideas

If your friend likes old Hong Kong, here are a few ideas for gifts you can order online at We deliver worldwide:

Photos of old Hong Kong

These are high-quality prints of photos from my collection, ready for framing. They date from the 1880s to the 1970s, and show some aspect of Hong Kong life that caught my eye.

Click here to browse the catalogue of photos.

Coffee-table book of old Hong Kong photos

Once Upon A Time
If you'd rather have a collection of photos, I recommend this lovely big book from FormAsia.

The largest photos are printed across two pages and measure 71cm x 27cm (that's 2' 4" x 10.5" in old money), so there's lots of detail to see.

Click here for my review, then click here to order your copy.

1935-7 James McAndrew's photos

I'm always pleased to see new collections of old photos, but this came at an even better time than usual. We moved house last week, and between packing, unpacking and cleaning, there hasn't been any time to get a new photo ready.

So I was very pleased to hear from Alan, who said he'd recently scanned in several photos from his father-in-law's album, was visiting Hong kong, and would I like to see them.

Yes please!

Here's a sample, the Bank of East Asia building decorated for King George VI's coronation on 12 May 1937:

Saturday 3rd Dec: Happy Valley Cemetery Tour - all proceeds go to charity

This will be an interesting guided walk, and you'll support a good cause at the same time:


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