1961 - Doug Brentlinger's photos

Many thanks to Doug Brentlinger for sharing this set of photos with us. I understand that Doug visited Hong Kong in 1961 with the US Navy. The photos (probably slides) are still sharp, with lots of detail to see.

Here are a few samples from the set:

1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos

1909 Unveiling statues in Statue Square

When: King Edward's birthday, the 11th of November, 1909. This auspicious day was chosen to unveil the latest additions to Statue Square: statues of his wife, Queen Alexandra, and his daughter-in-law Mary, the Princess of Wales.

Where: We are looking out from

1954 Side-party

What: This group of smiling ladies worked as a side-party. Not 'party' as in drinks and dances, their job was to paint the side of navy ships visiting Hong Kong.

Here's a description of Mary Soo, well-known in this line of business:

The U.S. 7th Fleet, which plies its trade in the troubled waters of the Far East, has a girl friend named Mary Soo. Mary Soo, by tradition but not contract, has the garbage concession of all United States Navy ships entering Hong Kong, which out here is no small potatoes.

Artillery Batteries in Hong Kong

Thanks to Rob Weir who has generously shared his records of British military sites in Hong Kong with us. The first list is of artillery batteries, and covers over 70 sites.

He's further sub-divided the list by category. Here's a map of batteries in the largest category, Harbour Defence Battery:

1930s Hurrying to TST

Who: People heading in to Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon.

What: They had several travel options...


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