c.1955 Star Ferry

What: The 'Solar Star', one of the Star Ferries.

Who: People heading across the harbour to Kowloon. Today we can take the MTR or a cross-harbour tunnel bus, but in the 1950s a boat was your only option.

Where: On the right of the photo we can just see the

c.1908 Fly to work with the KCR !

What: The photo has this caption:


"Aerial Ropeway ???? ???? K. C. Rly"

Fire Control sites

Here is the second batch of Places from Rob Weir's research. The first [1] showed the artillery batteries around Hong Kong. This batch records Fire Control sites and buildings. These housed the people and equipment responsible for identifying targets, then telling the gunners where to aim their gun so they'd hit the target.

Here they are on a map (subscribers, please click here to view it on the website):

1920 Born to be wild

What: A motorbike, registration number 190, which I guess makes it the 190th motor vehicle registered in the colony. Do we have any motorbike historians reading, who can tell us what model we're looking at?


The white suit is an interesting choice, given the

Nancy, get your gun!

The following guest post is courtesy of Bill Griffiths, introducing us to his late wife, Nancy Kong. Nancy joined the Hong Kong Defence Force Naval branch in 1949, and soon gained a reputation as a sharpshooter. Here is her story:

Joining the Wrens

In 1949, the Hong Kong Regiment was reorganized and became part of the Hong Kong Defence Force, which also included separate Air and Naval units. A certain young Chinese girl, Nancy Kong who had lived in constant danger and suffered under the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War two, joined up to serve as a Naval Rating determined to do her best in serving as a volunteer.

Nancy HKDF

Relax at sea

Learning to shoot

It was not long before she was introduced to the service rifle, and started learning to shoot using the old Lee Enfield bolt action .303:


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