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PS 'Gwu lo' is roughly how '古老' sounds in Cantonese. It means 'ancient' or 'old-fashioned'.

TST Post Office (2nd location) [1906- ]

This was the second post office for TST, see Moddsey's notes below. There's a building in about the right position in this 1900's photo, but it's not clear if it's exactly the same one:

It was definitely there in 1910, as it appears in this photo of the first train leaving TST on 1st Oct that year. Here are another couple of views from the 1910's:

Railways & Ropeways

A question for you - how many railways and ropeways have there been in Hong Kong?

For 'railway' I'll include any place where there were wheeled vehicles running on metal tracks. A 'ropeway' is what we call a cable-car today. And let's say they had to have been built before 1950, to exclude more recent constructions like the MTR, or the Tung Chung cable car.

How many did you count? Read more »

Chinese Methodist Church, Wanchai

Image (external): 
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Hilton Hotel

Image (external): 
hilton hotel
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Today's SCMP article

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TST in the mid 1960s

Image (external): 
TST in the mid 60s
The above image is hosted on the Flickr website. Click the image to view it on that website.

A good aerial view of TST, from longhaircheungmo's collection on Flickr.

Chungking Mansions and Mirador Mansions are both looking very bright & new. In fact almost everywhwre to the east of Nathan Road seems to have been re-developed - with the exception of an old residential building at the base of Signal Hill on the right of the photo.

It's worth viewing the large version of this photo, as there's lots to see.

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

What's there to see at Gwulo.com?

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Love is a many-splendored thing

This film is set in Hong Kong, between 1949 and the start of the Korean War in 1950. It was filmed a few years later, and released in 1955.

As the opening credits roll, we're given an aerial view of Hong Kong Harbour. The camera starts above Green Island, then flies east along the harbour-front towards Central.

Then we move to street-level (02:00), following an ambulance along Queen's Road Central, past Central Market (02:13), then up until we arrive at the hospital.

The hospital Read more »

Hong Kong 1949 strolling from midlevel to downtown

Video clip: 
See video

Michael Rogge's video on YouTube:

Going to the office from MacDonnell Road through Icehouse street to the bank in des Voeux Road Central in the (g)olden days - twenty years old!
See my other 190 video clips here:
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Mysterious marker stone 24 near Wanchai Gap

I saw this one yesterday, but have no idea what it's for.

If you walk down Aberdeen Reservoir Road from Wan Chai Gap, it's up on the right, just where the Hong Kong Trail branches off from the road.

The left side of the stone has the text '<- 24' engraved, pointing along the Hong Kong trail. The other side has the text '242 ->', pointing along a muddy looking trail that leads off to the right. There are traces of red paint in the engravings.

Can anyone explain what it was for?

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