Ho Hok Shan: Trenches & Tunnels

Thomas wrote in a couple of weeks ago to tell us he'd found several trenches as he hiked over this hill, which is near Yuen Long. Rob added that he'd seen old aerial photos of the hill showing more trenches and also what looked like the shadow of barbed wire around the hilltop.

Last weekend we went back for another look. We started at the south of the hill, walked up to the summit, then followed the ridge down to the north. Soon after we started up the hill we found this, confirming Rob's sight of barbed wire on the aerial photo:


1970s Stanley Village: photos & memories

Kirstin Moritz lived in Stanley Village from 1977 to 1980. Here she shares her photos and memories of that time.

I typed these memories in 1981 on paper from my husband’s office. We'd left Hongkong and were living in Singapore - I missed Hong Kong daily.

It is now September, 2011. So many years have passed, and the typing is now obscured and messy with revisions, but the scenes below are still clear in my mind.

For more than three years we lived in the market area of Stanley Village, Hong Kong.  We were on the sea next to a huge squatter area (the Ma Hang Squatter area, now gone and occupied by fancy apartment buildings, I understand),  housing pig and vegetable farmers, market workers and Hong Kong office workers.


Pig in Ma Hang Squatter area, late 1970s in Stanley-crop-levels

Our building was named Sea and Sky Court and we were on the 4th floor looking out over a bay.  In front of our window was

c.1890 View of Naval Yard, harbour & TST from Scandal Point

Where: As the title notes, we're up on Scandal Point, roughly where the Queensway Government Offices are today.

Here's a map from 1880 that shows the area, with Scandal Point at the centre of the map:

c.1935 Drinking Tea at Happy Valley

Where: On the far right of the photo there is a blurry tower in the background. I think it is St. Margaret's Church in Happy Valley - compare it with this photo from the 1950s:

St Margaret's Church

1923 Unveiling the Cenotaph

What: The unveiling of the Cenotaph was the day's big news story. Here's how The Hongkong Daily Press reported it [1]:

Hongkong, united by many ties with the heart of the Empire, established another link yesterday when, with impressive ceremonial, the Colony's War Memorial - a replica of the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, - was unveiled and dedicated to "The Glorious Dead".


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