c.1890 View of Naval Yard, harbour & TST from Scandal Point

Where: As the title notes, we're up on Scandal Point, roughly where the Queensway Government Offices are today.

Here's a map from 1880 that shows the area, with Scandal Point at the centre of the map:

c.1935 Drinking Tea at Happy Valley

Where: On the far right of the photo there is a blurry tower in the background. I think it is St. Margaret's Church in Happy Valley - compare it with this photo from the 1950s:

St Margaret's Church

1923 Unveiling the Cenotaph

What: The unveiling of the Cenotaph was the day's big news story. Here's how The Hongkong Daily Press reported it [1]:

Hongkong, united by many ties with the heart of the Empire, established another link yesterday when, with impressive ceremonial, the Colony's War Memorial - a replica of the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, - was unveiled and dedicated to "The Glorious Dead".

1918 Lookout at Cape D'Aguilar

What: Here's the writing on the back of the photo:

Back of photo

So we're looking at the:

Telephone and look-out hut at Cape D'Aguilar SS.

(I believe the 'SS' means 'Signal Station'.)

1909 Map of Hong Kong

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

It's been a while since we've had a new map, so let's put that right.

The picture above shows what the paper map looks like. You can also click here to see it overlaid on top of a modern map.

Regards, David

PS The original copy of this map at the UK National Archive in Kew. Their reference is CO 700-Hong Kong and CHina48.


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