Traffic-Police Pagodas

Thanks to regular contributor Moddsey for this compilation of photos showing the old Traffic-Police Pagodas through the years.

The first photo is from the 1920s. It shows the corner of Pedder Street and Queen's Road Central, with Wyndham (Flower St) on the left. Note the Chinese policeman with the black and white traffic stave (2 1/2 feet long). Traffic police were armed with traffic staves for the first time on 21 November 1922 for the pupose of signalling traffic to halt at busy road junctions. (Source: HK Daily Press 22 November 1922).


70 years ago

Seventy years ago, Hong Kong had recently surrendered to the Japanese, and the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong had begun.

A new project on gives you a daily summary of news from 70 years ago, compiled from diaries and newspapers of the time. Here are some recent examples:

c.1910 Ship's crew at Hong Kong

The seller didn't include much detail for this photo, so we'll have to make do with a bit of guesswork. If you can add anything to the story, please let us know in the comments below.

Who: Certainly not a bunch of tourists, they're

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29 Dec 1941. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reports "Ceremonial entry into Hong Kong by Imperial Japanese Army and Navy"

Date(s) of events described: 
Mon, 1941-12-29

I bought this Japanese newspaper on eBay a couple of years ago. I can't read any Japanese, but the seller included this description:

The main headline is:

"Ceremonial entry into Hong Kong by Imperial Japanese Army and Navy "

Some articles and pictures:


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