Artillery Batteries in Hong Kong

Thanks to Rob Weir who has generously shared his records of British military sites in Hong Kong with us. The first list is of artillery batteries, and covers over 70 sites.

He's further sub-divided the list by category. Here's a map of batteries in the largest category, Harbour Defence Battery:

1930s Hurrying to TST

Who: People heading in to Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon.

What: They had several travel options...

c.1900 Peak Hotel

Where: We're looking across at the Peak Hotel, where the Peak Galleria stands today. You can just make out its name on the corner of the building:

Peak Hotel & Upper Tram Terminus

The building on the left is the upper terminus for the Peak Tram. The clouds of smoke and steam come from the

1920s Queen's Road Central

Where: Looking west along Queen's Road Central. In the distance there's a gable with a circle:

Building on Jubilee Street

That building was on the corner of Jubilee Street, just past the Central Market.

How about the buildings in the foreground, where were those? The first building on the right pins it down:

1950s 7-storey resettlement block

What: The 1956 Annual Report tells us more:

[...] the decision was taken in 1954 to embark on a gigantic programme for the construction of large Resettlement Estates of seven-storey blocks as the only practicable means of solving the squatter problem, and so releasing the land urgently needed for the houses, factories, schools, hospitals and other essential requirements of a rapidly expanding community.


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