1920s Repulse Bay

Where: The title on the front of the postcard says it all:

Procession inches along a crowded street

When: It could be any one of several large processions held in Hong Kong over the years, but luckily there's a clue in the top-left corner of the photo:

1930s Movie poster

I've straightened it up a bit, so hopefully you can read it's a poster for the 'Student Tour' movie, starring Jimmy Durante and showing at the Oriental Theatre. That film was released in

Reminiscing about Hong Kong, 1902 - 1952 (An original essay by Chan Sing-U)

It was in the early part of 1902 that I, fresh from my native village Ngoi Hoi near Kongmoon, the 3rd port of Kwaongtung, China, first set foot on the terra firma of this British Outpost called Hongkong. Acting under my eldest brother's instruction, I came for an education in English. Let me recount some items of interest in those gone-by days in the following paragraphs.

Blue Books

I've seen several mentions of these Blue Books as sources, and finally had a chance to look at them earlier this month. They're another good resource if you're looking for information about people who lived in Hong Kong.

I'll talk about that some more, look at where to find them, and end with some more general information about the books.

Research past residents of Hong Kong

Life on Leighton Hill in the 1950s and 60s

Francesca sent in these memories of life in the Government Quarters around Leighton Hill in the 1950s and 60s.

The blocks under scaffolding [on the right of the photo below] were The New Blocks of Leighton Hill:


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