Ballamacleog - 564 The Peak - 26 Middle Gap Road

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Re: 26 Middle Gap

Ballamacleog is given as the name of the house - John Douglas Clague of Hutchison lived here.  I think I remember reading that executives of Jardine Matheson rented the house in the 1990s.  I found the following pictures:

Does anyone know what happened to Mr. Clague after HSBC rescued Hutchison?  Did he remain active in Hong Kong or retire?

The Telefax: Hong Kong facsimile directory (1987) lists 26 Middle Gap Rd, but I cannot see the name.  Can anyone try to read it at google books?

Colonel Clague

You can read a bit more about him (pre-bailout) on Andrew's excellent History of HK here:

(although I recommend you read the whole thing, it's very informative and entertaining)


re: 26 Middle Gap Road

Previous address: Ballamacleog, 564, The Peak.

From a map, c.1938.