Mercantile Bank of India [1857-????]

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This building with a curved front stood on the north-west corner of the Queen's Road and Ice House Street junction.

On a 1911 map (plate 3-4, Mapping Hong), it is marked as 'Mercantile Bank of India', at 11, Queen's Road Central.

The Mercantile Bank of India started life as the Mercantile Bank of Bombay, taking the name of the city where it was founded in 1853. It soon changed its name to the Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China, and in 1855 opened its branch in Hong Kong. Trouble in 1893 meant it lost its charter, and was reconstituted as the Mercantile Bank of India, Ltd. In 1959 it was purchased by HSBC. By then its name had been shortened again, to "Mercantile Bank, Ltd".


Photos that show this place


built 1857:  A Century of Hong Kong Island Roads and Streets by Cheng Po Hung,

The 1932 newspaper clipping shows that the Nederlandse Handel-Maatschappij N.V. (Netherlands Trading Society) gave this building as their address. I'm not sure if the Mercantile Bank had moved out by then, or that they shared the building.

From HKGRO, in 1932 the Mercantile Bank Building was located at 7 Queen's Road Central. 

Thanks Moddsey. I don't remember seeing another building here before Edinburgh House was built, so I think the Netherlands Trading Society must have moved in after the Mercantile Bank moved out.

Regards, David

The Hongkong Land's timeline,, says they bought 11, Queen's Rd C. in 1938.

This Building was Lindsay & Co in 1862