1950s Farmer above Tai Hang

1950s Farmer above Tai Hang


Where: The first clue is the sea wall in the distance, the edge of the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter. The second is this line of buildings with a gentle bend half way along:

Buildings at junction of Gordon & Electric Roads

The buildings have long gone, but that distinctive bend is still clear to see on a modern map. It's at the junction of

New mapping features on Gwulo

The first project from the 2016 to-do list is finished, an upgrade to the main map we use. Enhancements include:

  • 10x faster than the previous version
  • Markers and all the old paper maps are now on the same page
  • You can change the transparency of the old maps so it is easier to compare them with modern maps

Here's a video showing how it works (subscribers, if you can't see the video please click http://gwulo.com/node/30984 to view it on the website):

Old Hong Kong in the UK

Here's a summary of my recent visit to the UK, listing some resources for anyone interested in old Hong Kong.

UK National Archive

A few interesting finds from this visit:

1850 Green Bank plans & map. UKNA ref: MPG 1/158 

This map shows the area we call Lan Kwai Fong today, but look how different it was in 1850 ...

1850 Green Bank

Top-left we have a Cow House and a Poultry House, no doubt suppying fresh milk and eggs to the residents. Lower down the hill is a

Early photos of Hong Kong island

Thank you to Martyn Gregory for sharing these old photos of Hong Kong island with us. They date back to the late 1800s.

You can click on any photo to visit its page. There you can zoom in to see more detail, read any notes about the photo, and add a comment about where and when it was taken.

The first two are from the mid-levels. I've seen this one before:

Below Hospital Road

Below Hospital Road


But the album also had its companion photo on the facing page, giving a rough panorama of the area:

View of Hongkong island from TST

View of Hongkong island from TST

What: The old KCR Terminus and clocktower is in the foreground. It's the reason I bought the photo, to add this view to the clocktower project.

Where: The photographer is somewhere high up. See those pointy shapes in the foreground? We've seen them before:


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