Early photos of Hong Kong island

Thank you to Martyn Gregory for sharing these old photos of Hong Kong island with us. They date back to the late 1800s.

You can click on any photo to visit its page. There you can zoom in to see more detail, read any notes about the photo, and add a comment about where and when it was taken.

The first two are from the mid-levels. I've seen this one before:

Below Hospital Road

Below Hospital Road


But the album also had its companion photo on the facing page, giving a rough panorama of the area:

View of Hongkong island from TST

View of Hongkong island from TST

What: The old KCR Terminus and clocktower is in the foreground. It's the reason I bought the photo, to add this view to the clocktower project.

Where: The photographer is somewhere high up. See those pointy shapes in the foreground? We've seen them before:

Seventies-style Chinese New Year

Gung hei fat choy!

Over to a couple of contributors for memories of Chinese New Year in the late 1970s. First a photo from Cliff, showing the old HSBC building, decorated for the occasion:

1979 - Hong Kong Bank

Then Kirstin, who lived in Stanley at the time, describes the celebrations there:

... all the shops had new

c.1946 View over HK harbour from May Road

c.1946 View over HK harbour from May Road

When: A couple of clues say this photo was taken not long after the end of WW2. First there's the blotchy appearance of the Peninsula Hotel, still wearing the camouflage paint applied during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

Peninsula with camouflage

Second are these masts sticking up from the sea, and what looks like a salvage boat working next to it. The masts belonged to one of the many ships sunk by American bombers during the war.


Other clues for the date are the two Royal Navy C-class destroyers.


Out in the harbour is

Ice at the Peak, January 2016

Yesterday I wrote there was a strong chance of frost during the current cold spell. The Observatory website showed the temperature at the Peak had already dropped below zero this morning, so off we went to take a look.

Walking up Old Peak Road I didn't see any signs of frost or ice - til I nearly slipped over on a sheet of ice! Freezing rain had turned the steps up to the Peak Tower into a mini ice rink. As is often the case, once we knew what we were looking for we could see it everywhere. Here's ice coating the wall up to the Peak Tower:


And turning round we could see icicles hanging from


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