1907 Soldiers swimming

When: Here's the back of the photo:

Back of photo

"Taken at Kowloon Pier. (old city) A Coy's swimming test. 7/07"

Which I'm guessing means it was taken in July 1907.

Who: Soldiers from "A" Company. A couple have their caps on, and one

1928 Garrison at Lyemun

When: 11th September 1928, according to the back of the postcard:

Back of Postcard

Where: That also tells us we're looking at the "Garrison at Lyemun". Today it's the site of the Museum of Coastal Defence [1], but in 1928 it was

c.1915 Des Voeux Road West

Where: We're looking east along Des Voeux Road West. In the distance you can see the road bends away to the right at the junction with Western Street. It still has the same layout today:

1960s Kadoorie Hill

Who / What / Where: I'm hoping you can tell me! I don't recognise any of the buildings in this photo.

When: It looks like a stormy summer's day.

I bought this together with the recently posted photo of the HKFC stadium [1]. We dated that to 1963, so I guess this photo was also taken in the early 1960s.

Regards, David


  1. 1960s Looking west over HKFC

Reference: A243A

c.1925 Gun in Kowloon

What: No prizes for noticing the gun in the photo! It was one of the guns installed to


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