Birthday buildings in 2013

Do you recognise the building [1] in this email I received:

Dairy Farm Date
Hi All

Shot through taxi window... Does anybody know if there has been/will be a centenary 'celebration' of this building this year? If so, I've missed it.

PB [2]

It turns out that the '1913' marks the date of a renovation, not the date it was first built, but it got me thinking... which other buildings deserve a birthday card this year, and how far back can we go?

50 years old

This photo of the Mandarin Hotel was taken soon after it opened:

c.1917 View over Happy Valley and Causeway Bay

Where: This view looks east from the hill above the cemeteries in Happy Valley. The wooded slopes on the left are Morrison Hill, when it was still a hill! Across to their right is an open area used for sports grounds, then right again we can see the edge of the race-track.

Across the middle of the photo run more wooded hillsides - Leighton Hill on the right, and on the left the hill where Jardine Matheson had several grand buildings. Then above that is the old typhoon shelter, today the site of Victoria Park.

CPS project 3rd update: Prison and punishment

I'm searching for old photos (or sketches, paintings, etc) to illustrate the history of the Central Police Station (CPS) site (click here for details of the project). In this update I'll look at what punishments were given to convicted criminals, and the prison buildings on the CPS site.


If you'd been caught by the police and found guilty by the magistrate, you coud expect to receive some combination of the following punishments:

Childhood memories of 1920s Hong Kong

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Sat, 1927-01-01 to Tue, 1929-12-31

Barbara Anslow remembers her childhood in Hong Kong in the 1920s:

1927 - Sailing to Hong Kong with the P & O

Nothing in our village life in Crombie, Scotland had prepared us for the enthralling new world we were entering when we trooped up the gangway on to R.M.S. 'Rawalpindi' [1]. The Redwood family were setting off to Hong Kong where my Dad, an Electrical Engineer, was to work in the Naval Dockyard. Mum was 32, Dad 35, sister Olive 11, Mabel 4, and I was 8.

Book type: 

1920s Swimming at Repulse Bay

Where: We're swimming again, but this time it's at Repulse Bay. The big building on the left is the old Repulse Bay Hotel, looking out over its gardens to the beach, and the sea beyond:


When: The hotel was opened on the 1st of January, 1920 [1], so it must be later than that. Not too much later though, judging by the look of the

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