Who owned these 1920s launch photos?

Can we work out who owned these photos? Here are the clues so far...

What: All the photos are connected with this launch, named Paula:

Launch off Cheung Chau

The seller didn't keep any of the photos' captions, but I think this was taken off

2015-11 RTHK's Hong Kong Heritage

Join us for a walk along Lugard Road, chatting about its history. Here is the link to listen to the show: http://podcast.rthk.org.hk/podcast/item_epi.php?pid=164&lang=en-US&id=62986

I'll include notes and photos below, with the time as it is shown on the podcast player. You can click on any photo to see a larger view and more information about the scene.

Thanks to Annemarie for inviting me on to her show, and congratulations on the new format. Starting this week her show has doubled in length to 30 minutes.

Regards, David

01:45 David Bellis - Walk along Lugard Road

  • 01:55 - c.1900 photo of the Peak Tram Terminus area
    c.1900 Peak Hotel


  • 04:15 - History of

Dry docks at Hong Kong

For my new talk, we'll look through the eyes of different people connected with Hong Kong's harbour. As you'd expect, the Royal Navy are one of the groups we'll look at, both the Navy themselves, and how they affected Hong Kong.

Dry dock at Royal Naval Dockyard

One obvious affect was the Royal Navy's dockyard [1], a major construction project in the early 1900s, and then employer until it was scaled down at the end of the 1950s. The photo above shows the dockyard's dry dock, also known as a graving dock. The dry dock could be sealed and the seawater pumped out to enable repair work on the parts of a vessel that were usually underwater.

Hong Kong's oldest dry docks were

c.1900 Movember

Two splendid moustaches to celebrate the start of Movember [1]:

Cabinet card portrait
Cabinet card portrait

What: The photos are each stuck on to thick cards, measuring 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. This was the most popular format for portrait photos in the late 1800s, and was known as the Cabinet Card.

Where: The photos were taken at a photographer's studio, "Tin Wah" on Pottinger Street.

Who: I don't have any background information about these photos, so what can we find out about them?

They're clearly

Rebuild the KCR Terminus - step 2

An update on progress, plus requests for modern drone photos of the tower, and old photos / films of the whole station building.

Here's the latest model (email subscribers, you'll probably need to click here to visit the website and see the model):

KCR Clocktower (masked) by gwulo on Sketchfab

The first model was built from modern photos of the clocktower, and shows the whole tower. (click here to view).

But the problem with using modern photos is



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